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Right or Left?

It’s a matter of will!

Talk. See. Decide.

There’s always a way. Once you have realized your situation, it’s time to utilize your chances.
That’s how you can proactively influence your future.
Learn to think in terms of “the big picture” and to recognize all your possibilities.
The goal is acting responsibly for you own benefit and that of others.
Once feelings, thoughts, speech and actions are in harmony with each other, you will be present and successful.
Make clear and conscious decisions, based on insight and inner conviction with TriMentor.

What I do?

At TriMentor, I offer coaching, consulting and training.
In fact, I am an expert when it comes to leadership, speech competence or resilience.
Whether you are faced with new challenges or trying to manage the changes around you, whether you are looking for precise feedback, speech competency or resilience training, you’ll find the right resources for your professional development right here.

Some of my courses and trainings are “The Language of Leadership”, “Language forms Reality”, “Resilience – How to make Lemonade when Life give you Lemons!” and “Giving and Receiving Feedback”. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, I offer topics from “Victor Frankl’s View on Humanity” to “Hearing versus Seeing” or “Make your own Fate!”

I am also available for individual coaching, shadowing with feedback to your presence, supervision in teams and social organizations and counseling companies who are in the process of defining their core values – just to name a few.

A complete list of current offers (in German) is available here.

Feel free to call or write for further information in English. All topics can be presented in English.

Who am I?

Astrid Weidner – Coach, Advisor, Consultant and Trainer

I coach and train managers and counsel organizations.

You can use my expertise to your advantage: a valuable combination of leadership, know-how, competence in communication and a very unique perceptual ability.
After achieving my degree in economical and industrial engineering at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and working for the human resource department of an automotive manufacturer, I started my own business TriMentor in 2007.

Since then, I have been coaching, consulting and training in companies and social organizations.

I also teach at the state’s practical business university (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Karlsruhe, Germany).

My counseling approaches, control models and methods are based on the Institute for systemic counseling (Institute für systemische Beratung) in Wiesloch, Germany, the Human Balance Training Akademie (H.B. T.) as well as the basic speech and communications concept of Lingva Eterna.

I am a certified Senior Coach in the National German Coaching Association (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V.).

I am committed to making a difference personally, for example, as a volunteer dialog partner in the Initiative for humane and socially acceptable business practices and economics, sponsored by the Schmidt-Foundation. I am a board member of the Police Athletics Club (Polizei Sportverein Karlsruhe e.V.) and Vice-President of the Torball-Division of the National Handicapped Sports Association (Abteilung Torball im Deutschen Behindertensportverband e. V.).

As an active athlete, I support the Badenian Handicapped and Rehabilitation Sports Initiative “Handicapped Sports in Schools” (“Behindertensport macht Schule” of the Badischen Behinderten und Rehalbilitations-Sportverband e. V.)

I am blind since birth but my sharpened senses allow me to approach people in a unique and amazing manner. Thus, my handicap paves the way for intensive communication and an authentic imparting of content. View my full profile (in German) here.

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Please feel free to contact us by phone (+49 7251 931 813) or e-Mail info@trimentor.de if you have any questions.

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"I want to share and encourage colleagues of other department to try this. From my side I feel very interested in this impluse series."

"Knowing that our trainer was blind helped me strongly to accept Skype as the selected medium of communication. We were meeting "on par". [Astrid Weidner] reminded us to focus more on senses we usually "underuse" (esp. hearing, smelling) in our daily lives, to find a moment of calm, yet she needs to rely heavily on these senses to master daily life."

-Participants in the mindfulness series in summer 2018.